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COVID-19 and Safety

Salvus Group, LLC is a premier provider of health and safety compliance services in the New York City area. We're prepared to assist your team with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.134 and CDC guidelines compliance. In providing safety services to your organization, we'll take the following customized approach:

  • Create a "COVID-19 Workplace Health and Safety Plan" in

       compliance with CDC guidelines, OSHA, and industry best practices

  • Analyze organizational structure 

  • Pre-opening COVID-19 workplace assessment

  • Categorize risk assessment findings

  • Created customized training specific to COVID-19

  • Communicate findings and recommendations to the organization

  • Recommend engineering controls, work practice controls, and PPE

  • Revisit findings to ensure proper implementation

Over the next few months, New York City businesses will face monumental challenges in returning to work post-COVID-19. As rules and regulations evolve Salvus Group, LLC will monitor changes and provide clients with up to date requirements.

Why We're Different

Salvus Group maintains an evolving and intimate understanding of Health, Fire, and Building Codes. Our staff has decades of experience in the Health and Safety Industry. Additionally, we assess each client individually and determine the best path toward addressing organizational gaps. This combination allows us to provide unparalleled services to our clients.



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